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Pt. Apoorv Dixit is a famous Astrologer (Astrology & Vastu Consultant)

Published date: April 21, 2022
Modified date: April 22, 2022

Pt. Apoorv Dixit is a famous Astrologer , Karmkand & Vaastu expert born & brought up at world famous religious Baba Anendeshwar's own city, He spent good amount of time in detail research and study of astrology, Vaastu Shasrta, gemology, mantras and yog vidya

Pt Apoorv Dixit belongs to a family of astrologers as his Grand Father & Father is also a great astrologer of their time & he learned astrology through Guru – Shishya Parampara from his father who is a renowned astrologer having to experience more than 30 years and Ananya Bhkta of Bhagwan Shiv.

Pt. Apoorv Dixit is doing a very popular Management course from IIM Kozhikode, he is also Post Graduate from Amity & CSJM University & appeared in various stage shows organized by local Newspapers, rotary clubs.

My expertise is in the most accurate astrology method: Vedic Astrology. The reason this is so accurate is that the earth loses a day every 72 years, Vedic astrology updates the days, but Western astrology does not. So Vedic is always in alignment with the stars and planets and gives accurate information. 

*This is used on a daily basis by the entire country of India...much more common than Westerners (USA, etc).

*I am  also experienced in Nakshatra Nadi which is an advanced version of Vedic astrology till now. 

*I have been studying Vedic astrology for 8 years and has been a professional for 4 years.

I gained my knowledge from studying various methods through many books such as Ancient classics like Brihat Parashra hora shashtra, Nakshtra Nadi, Phal Dipika.

*My Specialties are vast! Here are a few examples...feel free to ask anything!

Health, pinpointing diseases and events of such, Marriage predictions, Career, Education recommendations, and your overall financial health and predictions, litigation, tragedies, luck, co-operate astrology, etc. etc. etc

I gave remedies that are achievable quickly! 

*Including the use of gems, mantras, aryuvedic herbal remedies according to astrology, and good advice. 

*Complete birth details are recommended for the most accurate reading, but I am very confident in getting accurate results if you do not have such using the Horary method.

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    Vijay Yadav

    Good Astrologer experience by Vijay Yadav:

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    We have been working with Pt. Apoorv Ji for more than 2 years now. He is very personable and can be a great confidante. For everything that we have requested his consultation on - he has been very thorough with his research and advice. We can’t thank him enough for his ongoing support.


    by Emmett:

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