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Navagraha Yagya as the name suggests is performed to appease Navgrah, which decide the whole life of an individual according to their positions in the horoscope. After the end of this Yagya, there is heavenly positive energy spread all over in the environment. It makes the surroundings very positive and cheerful. Navagraha Shanti Pooja Yagya is very beneficial to you for your industry. It helps you make earnings.

Other Details:

    Navagraha Havan Yagya is suggested to those who have their planets badly positioned in their birth charts. Navagraha Shanti Yagya is very important in the situation, when the planets in your horoscope are badly placed and they are leading to the bad effects for your business and life. The Dashas of all the planets are made suitable with this Yagya, so that all the nine planets bless you for a bright present and future. Navagraha Homam Yagya helps you to be succeeding in your activities.
    Navagraha Yagya Puja brings the stars in your support and makes it easy for you to excel in your actions and build huge prosperity, spread joy in your life at your homes positivity in your thoughts.
    Yagya for Navagraha is a joint Yagya for all the nine planets; it is completed in nine parts. It keeps the harms away from your life and makes your life smooth sailing. It is very well known that your future and your life events are mainly determined by the planetary situation in your birth chart.
    Therefore, it becomes very significant to remove the Grah dosha (planetary anomalies) that are produced by the inappropriately placed planets in your horoscope and thus this Yagya becomes inescapable for a secure and joyful life. Navagraha homam cost is fixed, although specific requirements and combinations of Yagya, peculiar to you may vary.
    There are many positive impacts of the Navgrah Yagya Havan; it is recommended that this Yagya should be performed yearly. Navgrah Yagya Havan is so potent and effective that it has the capacity to change all the bad effects of the poorly positioned planets in your birth chart and your horoscope which are obstructing your success, to save you from wicked souls and thoughts, and to make your life easy going.
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