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Astrolozy Samadhan

It is said in the scriptures “Jyotish: Vedanam Chakshu” which means astrology is the sight of the Vedas. Astrology is the means to know our Prarabdha (destiny). Only through astrology, we can identify the event, odd and beneficial times in our life, and through the remedies mentioned in astrology (donation mantras, yantras, rudraksh, herbs and gems), we can get the maximum benefit of our good times and adverse times can cure the sufferings. Our holy books are our cultural heritage, and our life's inspiration. Vedas and Upanishads are the pillars of our eternal culture and their spiritual summary is astrology.
Our religious belief is that a part of the accumulated auspicious and inauspicious deeds of the previous birth, which the soul has to suffer in the form of happiness or sorrow in this birth…it is called Prarabdha i.e. Destiny.

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